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2 Things I’d Write In Permanent Ink

In my whole life being an Honours student, I strongly feel like my life is slowly fading away.
“Be strong” they said
“Hang in there”, they said
“You can do it”, they said
I got sick and tired of hearing all of these phrases (-______-)!

But my ‘rents *smiles from ear to ear*, they said this…

Live. Laugh. Love :')!

Live. Laugh. Love :’)!

A novice like myself, would rebelliously have these two phrases inked somewhere, perhaps on my both my wrists.

Would look something of this sort...

Would look something of this sort…

Because I guess after all life is for living and loving it no matter the circumstances. On that note, what would you write :-??

Thanks for stopping by :-)
Kasi Nativist

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