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One Last Moment in the Zone.

So on Monday night I got home from school around 8:45, bushed and exhausted to the core. All I could think of is munching a good meal, let my hair down and relax a bit. And there I was, indulging in a moment of ease, watching the TV drama serious, Zone 14- one show that captures the heart and soul of kasi life.

On set....

On set….

And I couldn’t help but notice that the storyline was somehow hinting to a peculiar “end ¬¬¬¬of the road” tip. And indeed my fears and prediction were confirmed. But nevertheless I didn’t shed a tear; I managed to control myself with the hope and leap of faith that this series will once again return to our screens.

For it was always quirky, spunky and ghetto-fabulous in a kasi kind of way. Here’s what I’m talking about :-D. (one of my favourite scenes by far).

Zone 14 episode 189

Hahah, and Tumi the character in this scene say her heavyweight sister, Brenda loves Zone 14 as though it loves her back bloody blah blah and blah. And that hit home, because in a way to me, Zone 14 is not just a TV drama, it is where I live. You might be thinking, psssht, really? But yeah, like I mean the popular drama serious was shot in my neighbourhood, Orlando East, in fact just 1 street away from my home. And more often I got to witness a scene of a laid back affair with just two cameras decked on the street next to Bra Tiger’s shebeen, with about 20 crew members and actors preparing to shoot the next scene. With of course, other onlookers standing in the periphery watching and getting engrossed by what they see on screen becoming real in front of their eyes.

And action...

And action…

This in a way portrays a sense of authenticity about the surroundings lends the show some credibility on screen as opposed to scenes created in a studio. So guess what I’m trying to say is… it has been REAL in the Zone, and till our paths cross again be ghetto-fabulous and take care. Mcwaahz!