The G.A.M.E (Ghetto As My Essence)

Friend: “YOU must be the best kept secret ever! Where in this world have you been hiding? Look at you; you’re like a foreigner in this place”
ME: “Oho (-__-)! Please maaaan, I’m still one of you…what are you trying to say kanti?”
Friend: “You’re hardly seen la eKasi…”
ME: “Awume kancani tuu (Just hold up a bit)! ‘Cause I’m always here, just that the goddamn Honours has taken my ghetto life away from me”
Friend: “Ahahaha…You? Did you just say ghetto (0_o)?”
ME: “HaHaHaah…tswa daar (never you mind) ;-)!”

It's good to know I'm missed :') sweet

It’s good to know I’m missed :’)…so sweet

The best of both worlds

The best of both worlds

LoL, I just wonder how many people would have squirmed and cringed when you throw that word at them yes that one (._.”). Ermmmm, you know which word I’m talking about right? Right! Oh shame mahn if you still hanging the dark let me be your shining armor. I’m talking; well…WE (only those fast-paced thinkers and geniuses) are talking about the word “GHETTO”. Great, now that you are with us let’s move way ahead of the light bulb moment, and get to the grips of the matter.

LoL...don't believe every word they say.

LoL…don’t believe every word they say.

With the mishmash of people all over the world, some are diplomatic with lots of money to blow around, others-like me…*slight pause and deep sigh* are being judged because of the place I call home and end up being labeled ghetto. One word tossed around to somehow imply bad, uncouth or unintelligent. Oh boy, have I got news for you *eyes wide open and snap fingers zig-zagly*. But you know what; I’m not one to take feeble things to heart. Someone once told me, if you’re being insulted, just laugh it off. And oh well, if you can’t laugh it off then you probably deserved. So you see? We ain’t got no time to be too SERIOUS…HaiBo! Anyhow, life’s too short as we know it.

To be quite honest I’LL NEVER BE ASHAMED OF LIVING IN SLUMS and being slammed about it, because it only through that I have learned a sense of pride, dignity and my most essential being. I am a ghetto women and proud of where I come from. Where mostly, I grew up eating just uphuthu (grovel porridge and milk-which still remains my favorite meal) most days because it was the cheapest meal. Where electricity just gets cut off when you least expect it to. Oh, and were gutters are flowing with oiled stinking waters (and so much more) running across the streets. There were and are a lot of people in the world who had/have better lives than we did. But that doesn’t stop me from becoming the BEST of me, does it?

Take it from me....dreams are the theatre of the mind.

Take it from me….dreams are the theatre of the mind.

This qoute keeps me going onward, upward & foward!

This qoute keeps me going onward, upward & foward!

Yeah, it gets pretty bad, but I still embrace the streets and everything it taught and is yet to teach me. Hustling and selling. I talked that ghetto talk, you know what I mean? Don’t worry, soonest, I’ll enlighten you. Yeah, now that’s what Kasi (the hood) is all about. Talking the talk and walking and the walk. Not allowing the rest to turn my sky into a ceiling, as I school myself in a better way, hitting those books so damn hard and having no babies. All thanks to my upbringing. But before you can judge, dare try to point a finger at my parents, point three back at yourself. And in their worn shoes, walk a mile and see how far you’ll get. For it take a village to raise ONE black GHETTO child.

Proudly so :-D!

Proudly so :-D!

It’s okay to talk that ghetto style, sounding like I’m so damn cool. But it’s always the same and will always remain the same. The streets will never change. They will NEVER EVER EVURRRR change!

REAL is what counts ;-)

REAL is what counts 😉

And just as much, Kasi Nativist says: Remember, You can take the girl out of the Ghetto Streets, but you can’t take the Ghetto Streets out of the girl ;-)!

Know where you come, to know where you're heading ;-)!

Know where you come, to know where you’re heading ;-)!

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