Beauty can be found in the most unexpected places. Yea, you got that right, in my kasi, where kids are chasing one another up and down the dusty streets in ragged clothes looking all scruffy, but with the gigantic smiles. There’ll be that little boy or girls with a runny nose, who quietly creeps up behind you to randomly say “hello”, and the mothers who wave standing in front of their barbed fences as you pass on the street, making your way to school, work or wherever your feet are leading you to.

Soweto scene

Soweto scene



Love these Cuties

Camera shy

Camera shy

Camera Shy Edited

These wheels still exists, through them we get around.

These wheels still exists, through them we get around.

That’s just a typical scene to township life. But for all these things around me, I express my profound gratitude. Because despite the most difficult circumstances that prevail in kasi, I still believe Soweto has so much to put on the plate. Gradually growing into middle class status. Slowly but surely are shacks being demolished and replaced with concrete houses, institutions of higher education and malls are being built: a proof in the pudding that this township is kinda rapidly transforming to a suburb. Although it’s starting to become difficult to recognize Soweto for what it was, and all this is good and well, because it marks the twisted beginning and an end of somewhat a contratst to the rest of Joburg.

I’ll never forget the dusty streets that raised me. SALUTE!!!

All pictures sourced from: http://jennafinch.blogspot.com/2013/08/soweto-in-day.html.


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