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It’s not just a township, but a Lifestyle

Most often than not, I may not understand the world and may not necessarily agree with it, so I sort of like glide along. Just as much I have embraced being a Sowetan, and strangely enough have become patriotic about it. Soweto is like my little window to the whole entire world, and every minute is a different show.  Truth is, it is probably the only place that I’ve been thoroughly exposed to. I mean corner to post, I got it covered.

This is Kasi Nativist by the way

This is Kasi Nativist by the way

      Especially Orlando- ikasi lami (my hood). Now here’s  a  letter expressing my twisted love and hate towards this township:

We grew up and spent most of our times together.

In the journey of “walking life” with you by my side, there have been good times, sometimes frantic and life changing moments

You taught me some precious secrets

And though you trigger me and (not-knowingly) reinforce some of the disordered thoughts, I love you

Everyday I wake up seeking out your light, your warmth

‘Cause no matter how tired I am to see each day through, you keep me motivated

You shape the way I think, the way I perceive the world and the way I dream of it

In short you are fused to my very core

I strongly believe still, that my existence is wrapped tightly against your

You’re the ghetto fabulous SOWETO

Source: Google images

Source: Google images


You not at all that great hey

In your world, not all is rosy and pink hey

Instead, under your care, I’ve been implicated in dodgy situations-

I’ve been mugged, had my cell phones stolen, robbed of precious and sentimental possessions in my own house and while walking in the streets, had my pockets searched.

But you know just as much as I do, you far more capable of doing worse than that.

I guess somehow I got off lucky

At times I just want to write all these experiences and recite them from the bottom of a heavy soul

But wasted tears don’t make flowers grow now, do they?

So even if I don’t understand why all of this had to happen to me, I respect the process.


Pity not everyone shares similar feelings

Take a look around you…

People have had enough of you and just couldn’t take it anymore

You chased them away….YES YOU DID!!!

They are leaving you behind like a stupid used up whore, going to the ‘burbs to seek “greener pastures”

*DEEP sigh*

Like the rest of them, I’ve also considered leaving you abruptly with a final one fingered salute

Despite my tepid feelings, I’m glad to say I’m not going anywhere.

‘Cause some epic story is yet to unfold

I can’t imagine living without the mundane sight I’m used to each and every day:

Taxis and buses ferry passengers, causing gridlocks at some intersections during peak hour; motorists go by the day, making stops here and there by the traffic lights. Informal traders and street hawkers scattered around street corners, making ends meet

-unpacking their stock on the side of the road

pedestrians walking to and from work, taxis hooting for passengers and schoolchildren laughing as they walk to school

In all of this, I too, am yet to leave a crispy mark.

I suppose what I’m trying to say is: the wry conditions and hustler mentality of this place works for me perfectly

And I don’t need the top-notch and literally “over- the -top -balcony -view” all day everyday

  to feel better about myself

When I’ve got the virtue of living life passionately staring me straight in the eye; reminding me of the reality of things

Of how horrid they can get, and sometimes even showing me how remarkable my home town is

Source: Google images

Source: Google images

No doubt in my mind, you have your own draw-backs

 but the beauty you possess also rests on  South Africa’s tip, and overshadows the bullshit

Knowing I have survived all you had thrown my way

I’ve been transformed from sick and suicidal to peaceful and accepting

I can’t imagine the bitter end of all the beauty we’re living in without you

In you, I know I’ll always have a Home

With love,

A Kasi Nativist

P.S. Forget I even thought of you North  Jo’burg (/_).